On this page you will hear what I think are "Alien" voices picked up during recordings. Some of these noises were heard with my bare ears and are the reason why the recording was done. I know things exist that we can't see with our physical body. I also know that they can see us and walk with us everyday undetected. Hear them below...

 Recorded alien voice with an entity behind it. This was recorded overnight in my bedroom. It makes you wonder what is going on in your bedroom when you are sleeping.


This Alien voise recording was also recorded over night in my bedroom at 3:00 am.

 In this recording an Alien speaks and a female Spirit says, "Please help". What were they experiencing and why did she need help?

 Aliens speak over my family as we sat in the living room talking. I heard a mechanical voice overhead... so I turned on my cell phone and started recording. It sounds like metal clanking and broken syllables. I wonder what they were saying?

 This recording was done in my bedroom as I slept from 2:30am-3:30am. It was recorded with my Automatic Recorder. WOW!

This is the actual complete recording of the aliens I accidentally made contact with. These are the sounds that travel through my bedroom in the early morning. These unique speech patterns were also heard with just my ears in a low tone. Alien?? I think so.