These are the recorded voices of the Spirits and Entities inside my house. This is what we sound like without our physical body. They too did sound different when they had a physical body. The way I sound here in this life is not how my true voice sounds. My true voice will be heard after I pass. You will also hear regular Spirits, different Entities and the SHOCKING sounds of what they call a Shadow Walker.

 In this recording you will hear 2 spirits telling me that they don't want to be in admission. The other tells me that she doesn't want to be heard. A Shadow Walker chimes in when my daughter arrived at home. It tells me, "She's back"!! with a deep raspy voice.  Listen to the Shadow Walkers unique voice. #WOW

This is a recording of entities making comments about my wife's breast? Of course they are using other words to describe them in the recording... Talk about them being aware of us! The first one says, "Look at those". Then you hear what sounds like my wife kind of moan. Then the second one sighs and says, "Look at these T-t's". Amazing!

In this recording I ask the Spirits to read what is on the T.V. screen. They read it and say, "DIRECTV". That was correct!

In this recording the Entity admits to talking about me and says, "Yeah we talk about you". Then I ask it to speak into the mic and it says, "Yes right now"!!!

This is a recording of me telling the Spirits and Entities here at home to be nice to each other and have a good night. Richard chooses to wish me the same and says, "And you". Richard is one of the more mature spirits here. #RESPECT

This is a recording of my daughter searching through the T.V. menu looking for the “R” section. The entity mimics her saying “RRRRRRR”. Just before this I had heard a male voice in the living room so, I started recording.  The entity sounds like "The Grudge" movie character. The only difference is... this is real!



In the recording above you will witness what a “SHADOW WALKER” sounds like. This better than Class “A” EVP is a result of the formula I use to get down to when the Other Side exist. This Entity is telling me, “You’re not supposed to hear me”! There may be some truth to its statement. Maybe they are not meant to be discovered?




Above is a recording done in my room when my wife and I were getting ready for work. I call this the "Another Day Mix-Up" I had heard a raspy voice about 20 minutes before the recording was made. I turned on my cell phone and started recording. This is what I recorded. You hear my wife acknowledging me coming into the room. She says, "What up my homie"?  The entity says, “Another Day” in raspy voice. My wife thought I said something. I didn’t know what she was talking about because, I had said nothing. It’s pretty cool that they can still comment  on the day from the Other Side.

Above you will witness the Spirits and I play the repeat game. A male entity chooses to engage me in the game and repeats what I say, “What time is it”. This entity is thinking about what I asked it to do and doing it.

Yes... I am having a conversation with something I can't see. #AMAZING!