This is the true story of The Wraith Project. This project and documentary was created to share with you what I have discovered about the other side and the Afterlife. In this movie you will witness the results of the experiments performed with the 12 Entities and Spirits here at home. This complete documentary was compiled with raw footage and evidence completely filmed and recorded with my smart phone and voice recorder. No drama… No actors, just 24/7 communication with the so called dead.
This Paranormal Research and partnership with the Entities gives the world undeniable proof of other existence (Ghost). You will learn about the different interactions and experiments that I perform. From building a simple relationship with the Entities to the cutting edge EVP techniques I use and discovered to get better than (Class A) EVP results.
This project demonstrates their awareness of me and my awareness of them. Also, demonstrated is their intelligence, their ability to propel and move themselves around the physical world without a body. Also, their ability to see, hear, speak and think. You will learn about these and many more unheard of subjects I have discovered with The Wraith Project. I touch on such subjects such as negative video recording, speaking through us as we sleep, possession, entities coming and going through our body and other existence.


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                             THE WRAITH PROJECT: Other Existence

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                 A must have for every paranormal enthusiast and investigator.