I have a theory... Spirits and Entities use our bodies and voices to speak to us and one another. When I started recording over night, I noticed voices overlapping my voice. Then I noticed interaction from them they were speaking to me and through me. I think they do this with everyone. I just happened to notice. Listen to the recordings below... They contain the voices from the Other Side speaking though my voice as I sleep. Very Amazing!

In this recording you hear a female speak through me as I sleep. This is a little ire!

While I snore a young girl ask me, "Isn't it cold"? I don't remember it being cold that night. Was she aware of the temperature in my bedroom? Amazing!

Here you will hear a Spirit telling me to "Move Out!" through voice while I sleep.

There are a few that do not want me here...

I record entities a few different ways... Here is one example of a girl speaking through me as I snore while I sleep. Amazing! We are used like a loud speaker system.

This is a entity pleading to be let out. This was recorded in my bedroom at 2:30am. The noise you hear is my ceiling fan in the background. Who is it talking to? Where is it? It sounds sad. Many questions come to mind when I listen to this.

This is another example of entities and spirits speaking through me as I sleep. By the sound of her voice, she sounds like she could be a young adult. What do you think? Exotic moan... I think so! Amazing.