In the following videos taken here at home you will witness Spirits and Entities propelling themselves through my house without a physical body. What they use for a propulsion system really needs to be studied. It's amazing how they do this. You will also witness 2 way interaction with them. They will come up to the camera when asked. Also, they will exit my body when asked. You will also see them enter my cats body. These Spirits and Entities enter our bodies every day to share the experiences that we are having. They also, influence our choices in life giving us our individual facades of our personality. Simply amazing! 

 In this video I am interacting with the spirits here at home. They show us some amazing flight patterns, the ability to change shape and enter my body. At the end watch for the spirit to enter my  left pointer finger.

 In this video my cat was following something around the room. She stopped on my chair next to my desk. She was fixed on something under the file cabinet. Then she see's it pass by and off in the distance.

In this picture a Spirit comes through a wall in the living room, zig-zags through the living room and leaves through the wall on the other side of the room. The ability to travel through everything here in the physical world is amazing. When we die we loose the physical abilities and gain the spiritual ones. This is one of them... exciting.

Spirits come up when asked to and show off for the camera. This one came up zigzagged then slowed up and spread out. It just about hovered. SWEET!

In this video you will witness an entity exit my body. Spirits and entities pass through our bodies all day long... AMAZING!

In this video 2 entities choose to interact with me. This is our true form of existence. This is what we are when the body dies. We lose our physical abilities and gain the spiritual ones when we pass. It's amazing how the move and get around in the physical world unseen and undetected without a body. We need to master this way of propulsion. #AMAZING